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Teriyaki-Hot Sauce
  • Teriyaki-Hot Sauce


    Teriyaki sauce is one of the best sauces are and its a great sauce to get a range of use for your dollar. You can use it with a stir fry, as a quick glaze or even as a marinade. Unfortunately most regular store bought teriyaki sauce is trash. Non are a match for this made from scratch masterpiece. Truly home made using the fresh and fine ingredients, its displays much more of a flavor profile than what you’re used to. It also has a nice subltle kick of heat on the back end to compliment its sweet, gingery, garlicky sesame flavor. Whats in your pantry?! Add Pantry's Best Teriyaki-Hot sauce to any of your meat, veggie and rice dishes or marinades and let it do the work for. 

    • Care Instructions

      Shelf life up to 18 months unopened and two weeks after opening; Refrigerate after opening.

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