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Organic Wild Crafted Purple Sea Moss Gel
  • Organic Wild Crafted Purple Sea Moss Gel


    Sea Moss, known as Irish Moss and/or Chondrus Crispus is jam packed with minerals that can benefit the human body. It should be coupled with a healthy nutrient dense diet in order for one to receive maximum benefits .


    Health Benefits of Sea Moss include but are not limited to...

    • 92 Minerals that the body is comprised of and needs

    • Aids in detoxing by flushing toxins from the body

    • Aids in eliminating/lessening the body’s mucous membrane where harmful disease and virus cells proliferate and multiply

    • Helps increase fertility in women and sperm production and sperm mobility in men

    • Provides enough nutrients during breast feeding to allow a steady flow of milk and aids in milk production

    • Anti- inflamatory

    • Antioxidant rich which protects cells against free- radicals

    • Actively fights against various types of disease including heart disease, cancers, and other disorders

    • Used in beauty products as a natural source of collagen (Great as a face mask)

    • Anti- aging properties

     + Many more


    Purple Sea Moss specifically contains purple phytonutrients which contain anthocyanins, are extremely beneficial in reducing inflamation, fighting viruses, fighting against cancer cells, help lower blood sugar, specifically targets brain cells and helps them communicate better with each other, which helps to boost brain function, and helps to protect against diabetes by regulating insulin levels in the blood. The list is far more extensive but these are just a few benefits.

    • Care Instructions

      Keep refridgerated! Product is good for up to one month in a sealed air tight container in its thawed gel form. It may be frozen for up to three months in order to preserve until ready for use.

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