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Established 2018


     Pugs Pantry was established in the year 2018 when I, Demorris "PUG" Russell,  began hosting monthly dinners for family, friends & strangers alike to enjoy complimentary three course meals paired beer and specialty cocktails. I spent roughly 10 months hosting family style dinners serving slow cooked & classic southern style food on the fourth Sunday of every month. I wasnt more than 6 months into "Fourth Sunday" routine when people started to catch wind of my gift that i had been giving away and really waning a seat at my table. Eventually, before i was able to make it to my goal of one full year hosting dinners and spreading love through food, my reputation lead me into into the world of meal prep with a favorable list of paying clients. My love and passion for cooking had me determined to work at doing what i love for my living. And with hard work and support from those that purchase my service and products, Pugs Pantry has been able to grow into what you see today. 

      I started doing meal prep when I saw there was such a small market for healthy grab and go meals at an affordable cost. Most meal prep services still require prep and cooking but what happens if you don't have time to devote to cooking healthy and balanced meals? Enter Pugs Pantry. Each week I would create a menu that checked all the "nutritional value" boxes with room for modifications for my clients with allergies or diet preferences and from there my following gained some serious momentum.

      Once COVID struck, it was obvious that meal prep was no longer going to be feasible with grocery shortages and on top of that folks that didnt have time to cook were now able to devote ample time and effort in the kitchen. I figured it was the perfect time to get back to my roots and get further locked into my craft. Like most of us, I was struggling with the adjustment of staying home and no longer having an outlet to share my passion. I later started "Pull-Ups" (my curbside home cooked meal to go service) as a way to keep my vision/dream going while navigating the new norm of being quarantined and living with restrictions. Over the course of the last two year i was also able to hone in on and perfect my skill for creating fine tasting quality and truly home made sauces minus all the unhealthy additives and binders. "Pantry's Best" sauces! What in your pantry?





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